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Take a look at how some of our customers have used our confections to bring the perfect amount of fun and fancy to their events. From weddings to Holidays at home, the details truly matter. Let us help! 

A wedding to remember 

Our customer was looking for a way to create a cozy atmosphere for her 400 guest wedding in March. The bride and groom ordered individually packaged gourmet S'more kits with personalized packaging to send home with each and every guest. A fun and sweet gesture that meant the world to their friends and family. 

Jingle all the way

This customer was looking for a way to make their small Christmas gathering a real treat for their small children. We sent them several flavors of Cocoa bombs for velvety and smooth Hot Chocolate treats to go with their stockings. That evening, the kids got an extra surprise as they watched their bombs crack open to reveal their sweet surprise. 

Magic is everywhere 

This 4-year-old is unicorn obsessed! We received a request for unicorn theme white chocolate bombs for a summer birthday party. They were a hit! Edible glitter made all the difference when the party princess realized she was about to see magic in real life. 

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