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For the original founders, GotFancy was a passion project. They set out to make their customer's day just a little sweeter and bring hand-made charm to the tiny details that they knew would add so much to any event. The reality was so much better. Not only have they found a way to bring customization to gourmet confections in a way that no one else has, but they have also created a space for creativity and fun in the smallest of details. When they say get fancy, they really mean it! 

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My Story

Yvonne Mandeville is both the founder and Executive Creator here at GotFancy. A veteran teacher of 20 years, Yvonne has unique experience in bringing whimsy and fun to the everyday. It was as a teacher that she discovered that if you put time, thoughtfulness, and a bit of fancy into the details, you will inspire smiles on students' faces. Those smiles meant the world to her then and your smile means to the world to her now. When she is not busy creating new flavors and designs, Yvonne is spending time with her husband, kids, and grandchildren. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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