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What are You Planning? 

Check out our stock of unique Cocoa Bombs, Gourmet S'more treats, and more! Our products can be purchased individually and in bulk to accommodate events of any size. 

Woman with Bouquet

Wedding Events 

The perfect favor for any Wedding, Bridal Shower, or even Bachelorette Part. Love is sweet and so will be your guest's memories when they leave with a cocoa bomb or individually packaged S'more kit. 

Birthday Balloons

Themed Parties 

We love parties! Your guests may include a couple of friends who share a love of unicorns or an entire banquet room of friends and family.  No matter what you plan, we have a treat that will be on theme and taste as fun as your party. 

Holly Plant


Cozy up with a Cocoa Bomb on Christmas morning or load up a skewer with gourmet S'mores on a warm 4th of July night. Any holidays can be made just that much fancier.  

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